Taxi commuters left stranded amid strike

Taxi commuters

Taxi operators in Alexandra have left commuters stranded on Monday.

The Johannesburg Metro Police say it comes after about 500 taxis had been impounded for a range of alleged traffic and licensing infringements.

JMPD spokesperson chief superintendent Wayne Minnaar says the vehicles had been impounded in a recent operation for offences such as allegedly driving in the emergency lane, having fake licence discs, driving on the wrong side of the road, and licences that expired as far back as 2012.

He said some licence discs were made out of newspaper clippings and another was a piece of paper containing washing instructions.

This was part of a clean-up operation which included impounding about 100 trucks for illegal dumping.

He said the department had heard that the taxi operators would go on strike on Monday, and not work.

Comment from the Alexandra Taxi Association was not immediately available, but on its website it indicates that the taxi industry carries 75% of Johannesburg’s economically active population, thousands of whom live in and around Alexandra.

Minnaar said the majority of the taxis had already been released on payment of a fine of R2850, but those with expired licence discs have to pay their outstanding licence fees before getting their vehicles back.

Metro police would monitor traffic flow.

taxi strike

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