Officials arrested in alleged roadworthy certification scam


Four Innovative Roadworthy Centre officials in Midway, Soweto, have been arrested for allegedly issuing roadworthy certificates for vehicles that had not been tested, the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) said on Thursday
RTMC spokesperson Simon Zwane told News24 that the two women, aged 43 and 37, and two men, aged 38 and 30, were arrested on Thursday morning.
“They were fraudulently facilitating the issuing of roadworthy certificates to vehicles that had not been tested,” he said.
Their arrest was part of Operation Domino, aimed at eliminating fraud and corruption within the road traffic community.
The joint operation was conducted by the National Traffic Anti-Corruption Unit‚ the SAPS and the Gauteng Traffic Compliance Unit.
“Scores of vehicles, mostly minibuses, that were tested at the centre will be recalled and tested. If they fail the tests, they will be impounded and their owners will be arrested,” he said.
He said they have all the particulars of the owners of the cars that were recently tested at the centre.
Zwane said one official, who was taken in for questioning earlier on Thursday, has been released due to a lack of evidence.
“The four will appear at t

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