Know how to identify a police vehicle


Not all officers in “fast cars” are members of the flying squad.

Do you know how to identify a police vehicle?

WO Grant Giblin, the spokesperson for Benoni Flying Squad, gives these tips.

“It is common knowledge that the flying squad is mostly allocated vehicles for fast response to serious complaints. However, due to varying duties and the vast areas flying squads cover, police management has in more recent times seen the need to allocate similar vehicles to just about all local police stations and tactical response teams as well,” Giblin said.

“This is a great initiative to serve the needs of the community. However, it can lead to confusion for the public, thinking all persons in these vehicles are flying squad members.”

To assist the community in identifying where members are from, all marked police vehicles should have on the sides and on the back, a call sign. Examples of call signs are RR111, RN12 (signifying our local flying squad), K9-15 for the dog unit, BE13 for Benoni SAPS, KP14 for Kempton Park SAPS, TB15 for Tembisa and DT16 for Daveyton, etc.

Giblin said from this call sign, the members and where they are stationed could be determined.

“Besides this on the side of the vehicle, it will normally state what station or unit, and all vehicles must have registration plates. Each uniformed member is also obliged to have a name tag visible on the upper right chest.”

The public is advised to take note of these identifying methods which can assist in complementing and improving services.

Residents are encouraged to report any suspicious activities in their areas. Anyone with information can call the nearest police station or 10111.

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