How to get credit for cancelled Kulula and British Airways flights


Kulula operator Comair and its business rescue practitioners have confirmed options for customers, companies, and travel agents or groups who have purchased tickets for flights that were cancelled due to the lockdown.

Comair previously said it was required to stop flying on 26 March 2020, and it has not operated passenger services since this date.

It expects the national lockdown will mean the grounding of flights will likely to continue until October or November.

Those who have purchased a or British Airways flight ticket for departure between 14 March and 31 October 2020 with a ticket number starting with 161 must complete and submit a form available on Comair’s business rescue portal by 17 June 2020.

If you purchased your ticket directly from Comair channels, you will have the following options:

  • Keep the value of the un-flown flight booking, such that the value remains valid until 31 October 2021 and can be used to make a future booking with Comair, subject to availability and difference in rates, fares and/or taxes.
  • Become a creditor, such that a claim for the value of the un-flown flight will be dealt with in terms of the business rescue plan if approved. More information about what this means can be found here
  • Forfeit the value of the ticket, such that any claim for un-flown fights is abandoned.

Comair said where no option is taken by 17 June 2020, the value of the booking will remain valid until 31 October 2021 and can be used for making a future flight booking with Comair.

Third-party bookings

If you bought your ticket for departure in the same period from a third party, the ticket number will not start with 161.

These ticket holders should direct their queries to the travel agent, British Airways, or the airline partner from whom the ticket was initially booked, Comair noted.

A list of contact details for Comair’s travel and airline partners is available on the company’s website.

Comair said it would provide further communication in due course for customers who used, Mtbeds, or Kulula Holidays to purchase Emirates, Qantas, or British Airways International tickets with Vitality or a hotel booking with or without extras.

For more information regarding business rescue proceedings, including all statutory notices, visit the Comair website.



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