Google Maps adds incident reports to iOS

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iPhone users will soon be able to report road accidents and other incidents in Google Maps.

Google is rolling out updates this week which will bring the feature to iOS.

The company first tested the ability to report collisions and speed traps on Android devices late in 2018.

The feature was gradually rolled out to Android users in various countries this year, while South African Google Maps users have been able to report speed traps from within the app since June.

Google also added a live speedometer to the Maps navigation interface in the same month.

Incident reports on iOS

The incident report system on iOS will function in the same way as on Android devices.

The gif below illustrates how the feature will work.


New report types

Google also announced that it is adding several new report types which will be available to both Android and iOS users.

Android Maps users are currently able to report incidents like traffic congestion, accidents, mobile speed cameras and roadworks.

In addition to these incidents, users on both Android and iOS will also be able to report construction, lane closures, disabled vehicles and objects on the road.

All of these categories have been available for some time in Google’s other navigation app, Waze.


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