What the first VW Golf in South Africa looked like

vw Volkswagen Golf mki
vw Volkswagen Golf mki

The Volkswagen Golf is celebrating 40 years since its launch in South Africa.

VW’s Golf Mk1 arrived in South Africa in 1978, four years after the car was launched in Europe as a successor to the Beetle.

Production of the VW Golf Mk1 started in Uitenhage at 65 vehicles a day, with local content at 57%.

The front-wheel drive Golf Mk1 boasted a 1.5-litre engine which delivered 70hp, and was priced from R3,985.

Three years after the introduction of the vehicle, the Uitenhage factory had produce over 100,000 VW Golf Mk1 models.

While production of the Golf was stopped in South Africa in 2008, the model continues to be extremely popular – with the most recent imported model boasting a segment share of 35%.


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