Petrol price increase for December


The price of petrol will increase by between 11-19 cents a litre next month, according to estimates by the AA.

“The rand/US dollar exchange rate has remained fairly flat throughout November, contributing around a six cents drop per litre. However, the prices of refined petrol and diesel, which usually track each-other’s movements, but with a fair gap between their prices, have showed an altogether different picture recently,” said the AA.

This has resulted in the following estimated per-litre price shifts for December:

  • Petrol – 11 cents increase
  • Diesel – 23 cents decrease
  • Illuminating paraffin – 25 cents decrease

The Regulatory Accounting System Industry margin must also be factored into these predictions, added the AA.

“It is unknown by how much exactly these will be adjusted. Last year this amounted to 7.7 cents a litre for petrol and 4.59 cents a litre for diesel.”

This will affect the figures above, and petrol may increase by 19 cents per litre as a result.

The extended period of rand stability has given the country a breather, and the basic fuel prices also remained fairly stable, concluded the AA.

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