Eswatini Railways has a new CEO


The CEO was officially presented yesterday at the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.
He was introduced by the Eswatini Railways Board Chairperson, Alex Mngomezulu.

Dlamini is taking over the position from Steven Ngubane, who officially retired last year.
Mngomezulu said they chose Dlamini among many, adding that he was experienced in the rail industry as he went to work as far as the United Kingdom.
“Siva ngatsi Indvuna siyigawulele indvuku lebuya etiveni kepha ibe iyakitsi la Eswatini,” said Mngomezulu in vernacular, while addressing the minister.


The new CEO was said to be working as a consulting engineer of the Swazi Rail Link project which is between the kingdom and the neighbouring Republic of South Africa.
Mngomezulu said they were hoping that the company would reach higher levels through Dlamini’s management.
Speaking during the event, Dlamini said he was grateful for the opportunity to lead such an organisation, adding that rail industry was close to his heart.
He stated that he was hoping to continuously work with the stakeholders of the company.

“We are even looking forward to new conversations and maintaining relationships that already exist,” he said. The Minister of Public Works and Transport, Chief Ndlaluhlaza Ndwandwe, congratulated the new CEO and further said he wished that there be a good relationship in his presence.
He stated that the CEO was not supposed to just maintain the current status quo but to elevate it to greater levels.

“There are new projects in the railway station including that of the Swazi Rail Link and with the CEO being privy to it, it will be an easy job for him to take it forward,” he said.
The minister further stated that the CEO would inform the Board should there be anything he would need.

He further encouraged that the company educate and ensure that the employees, especially those travelling outside the country, were safe from the coronavirus.
He said they were supposed to engage the ministry through their wellness office to educate the employees.

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