FlySaFair R3 ticket sale


FlySafair’s highly-coveted cheap flights go back on sale – this year for just R3 to celebrate the airline’s third year of operation. From 10h00 today, 15 000 tickets on select flights departing between 15 May and 31 August will be ready for the taking. The action will continue until 16h00 or until the last ticket is sold.

R3 tickets will only be available through FlySafair’s website and not the airline’s call centre, so to avoid disappointment prospective shoppers will need to make sure they head online.

The airline has decided to do things a bit differently this year – at the start of the sale a group of randomly selected shoppers will be allowed onto the FlySafair website. These lucky shoppers will have to complete their purchase immediately before their session expires. Tickets are not held when selected, as shoppers will only be able to reserve a ticket by completing payment.

In the meantime, guests who haven’t yet been selected will remain in FlySafair’s online lounge, from which a different group will be randomly selected to enter the site every five minutes. It’s important for guests not to leave the online lounge as new groups will continue to be selected right up until the last ticket is sold. With the sheer number of people clamouring to get their hands on a ticket, competition will be tough, but 45 000 people have walked away with ridiculously cheap flights over the past two years, and today thousands more will join them.

Tickets purchased as part of the R3 sale will include all airport taxes. They will also include carry-on luggage only as per FlySafair’s Lite Fare option. Other optional extras will be excluded from the ticket.

Customers should also note that FlySafair’s website will be closed just prior to the sale in preparation for the super-sale madness.

However, clients needing to make normal bookings won’t need to worry about accessing the online site as FlySafair’s call centre administration fee will be dropped for the day. Changes to existing bookings can still be made online.

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