PayCity has announced that it will discontinue its online license disc renewal service on 30 June 2024

In a notice sent to customers, the company confirmed that all renewals paid for before 30 June will be processed, and users can continue to track their renewal progress.

“PayCity is discontinuing our License Disc Renewal service on 30 June 2024,” the notice stated. “We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your continued support.”

The company added that any credits linked to customer profiles will remain valid and can be used for other services on the platform. Alternatively, customers can contact the PayCity helpdesk at team@paycity.co.za to request a credit refund.

Although the exact reason for the shutdown is unclear, lower pricing from online license disc competitors may be a factor.

MyBroadband inquired about PayCity’s decision to discontinue the service but did not receive an immediate response.

A recent MyBroadband comparison of license disc renewal services showed that PayCity, at a total cost of R166.75, is the fourth-most affordable service of its kind in South Africa.

FNB is the cheapest at R69 under a promotional price, with the standard price being R99. The promotional pricing remains effective until the end of June 2024, and FNB has indicated it may extend the offer.

South Africa’s National Traffic Information System (Natis) online service costs R99, while the South African Post Office’s online renewals are the third-most affordable at R147.

PayCity’s service was available only in Gauteng, the City of Cape Town (metro only), the Free State, the Northern Cape, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, and the North West, whereas its competitors offer their services nationwide.

Here is a summary of the license disc renewal service prices:

Provider | Availability | Service/Admin Fee | Delivery Fee | Total |

FNB | Nationwide | Included | Included | R69.00 (promo) / R99.00 (regular) |
National Traffic Information System (Natis) Online | Nationwide | Included | R99.00 | R99.00 |
South African Post Office (SapoMVL) | Nationwide | R72.00 | R75.00 | R147.00 |
PayCity (shutting down) | Gauteng, City of Cape Town (metro only), Free State, Northern Cape, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North West | Included | Included | R166.75 |
Shoprite Money Market | Nationwide | R110.25 | R74.75 | R185.00 |
Renewonline | Nationwide | R100.00 | R115.00 | R215.00 |
Disky | Nationwide | R169.00 | R70.00 | R239.00 |

Previously, the online license disc renewal market was dominated by private players. However, state-owned entities like Natis and the Post Office have launched competing services in the past two years.

The Natis online system, launched in February 2022, allows South African motorists to renew their vehicle registration and make payments from home. Payments can be made via credit card or electronic funds transfer, with options for collecting the card from a testing center or having it delivered to the home.

The South African Post Office (Sapo) launched its online license disc renewal service just under three weeks before the Natis online launch. Sapo offers a complete online renewal process, allowing customers to collect their renewed license discs from a Sapo counter or have them delivered. The estimated turnaround time is three working days, with up to two additional days for outlying areas. Initially available to all provinces except the Western Cape, the service has since expanded to include the province.

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