Transnet Freight Rail says “stay safe this festive season”

Transnet Freight Rail

From the 6th to the 8th December, Transnet Freight Rail will once again embark on its rail safety campaign to sensitise motorists and pedestrians about the dangers of trains and adhering to the necessary safety practices to avoid injuries and deaths.


The campaign focuses on issues such as, the dangers of trains, crossing railway lines on foot, adhering to level crossing signs and is aimed at reducing and eradicating injuries and deaths arising out of train incidents through focussing on changing behaviours and attitudes of the public.

In the last financial year there were 91 level crossing incidents. The fatalities at level crossings in the last five years which is from 2013 to 2017 were at 71. Almost all level crossing accidents are a result of the failure of motorists to stop at the clearly demarcated stop signs at level crossing. Trains take a long time to stop – even when the driver applies brakes, a loaded train can take more than a kilometre to stop.

The campaign will be in partnership with some of TFR’s key stakeholders such as, the Rail Safety Regulator, PRASA, The SAPS, Community Forums and DOT.  It involves presentations on rail safety issues and the distribution of educational material that informs motorists and pedestrians on a number of rail safety related messages. Senior Executives from TFR will man level crossings at hot spot areas to engage with motorists on the importance of adhering to road safety.


“Transnet Freight Rail would like to appeal to communities to be safety ambassadors in their areas and ensure that safety rules are adhered to in this festive season and going forward. We encourage our people to exercise patience at level crossings and always know that trains have a right of way at all times” said Mike Asefovitz the spokesperson for Transnet Freight Rail.


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