RAF urges road users to make the right decisions


The Easter weekend is upon us and with it comes split second decision making which can result in fatal consequences or one’s safe arrival at their destination.

As thousands of people travel on South Africa’s roads to spend time with family, partake in religious gatherings or recharge one’s batteries, the Road Accident Fund (RAF) asks road users to think carefully about the decisions they will be making. Whether it is driving nonstop or taking frequent breaks, insisting that a taxi driver slow down rather than tempting fate as he speeds along, or deciding to take the wheel after having one glass too many rather than hailing a cab, these decisions can prove either fatal or be life saviours.

RAF Chief Marketing Officer, Phumelela Dhlomo, said: “The decisions we make while on the roads affect how our road stories unfold. As responsible citizens, we must appreciate that how we conduct ourselves impacts the lives of other fellow road users.  The decision to act or not to act within the rules of the road has a chain reaction which has a bearing on people’s lives, their families, dependents, and the economy. As we look ahead to the Easter weekend and beyond, we encourage all road users to take responsibility and commit themselves to safe road practices.”

An awareness drive highlighting the consequences of bad decisions or positive outcomes should we choose to abide by the rules of the road is already in full force on social media, and will extend to other media platforms over the Easter period and beyond. Meanwhile, the RAF Call Centre’s hours have been extended to 18:00 up until the 13th April to deal with any additional queries. Claimants will still be able to call during office hours or leave a message after hours or on holidays. These calls will be returned on the next working day.

Against all odds, the RAF closed the 2016/17 financial year having met over 80% of its Annual Performance Plan targets. This is despite operating in the face of catastrophic risks while contending with cash constraints and business disruptions. National Treasury’s additional 9c/l will go a long way towards ensuring the Fund takes its services to more communities countrywide throughout the year, while the finalisation of the Road Accident Benefit Scheme Bill currently before cabinet will also go a long way towards ensuring these funds are distributed more fairly and equitably.

The depth of talent, character, resolve and duty that flows within the fabric of RAF’s 2,600 staff complement is evidence that the RAF employees will continue doing everything in their power to fulfill the Fund’s mandate, i.e. caring for car crash victims. Many of these employees will be on call over the Easter period to ensure help is quickly on hand in the unfortunate event of anyone being involved in a car crash.

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