Metrorail train derails in Cape Town

Metrorail train derails in Cape Town

A Metrorail train has derailed on the central line in Cape Town‚ just as the company planned to restore its services on Thursday morning following a shooting at a Khayelitsha platform last week.

“Four coaches of the train used for network inspection yesterday (Wednesday) evening to … test operating conditions‚ derailed between Heideveld and Netreg Stations on the train’s return trip. Technicians are on site to rerail the carriages and repair the track. The recovery process could take several hours and Metrorail will keep commuters informed‚” Metrorail spokesperson Riana Scott said.

“Regrettably Metrorail has no buses to assist and commuters are requested to make alternative arrangements until the service is able to resume. Golden Arrow Bus Services have been approached to assist and arrangements will be communicated on confirmation.” Regional manager Richard Walker said that preliminary indications showed that vandalism on the line could be the possible cause of the derailment.

“A board of inquiry will confirm the cause of the derailment‚” he said.

Scott added that the suspension of services affected thousands of commuters that make use of trains daily.

“On average about 2‚500 people travel per train during weekday peaks. Rail safety is stringently regulated and all engineering assessments‚ safety checks and operational logistics must be completed before trains can operate.”

On Wednesday another train derailed in Germiston.


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