Unitrans wins two prestigious awards in the annual Master Drive competition

Renowned end-to-end supply chain solutions service provider Unitrans has once again demonstrated its commitment to excellence by securing two prestigious awards in the annual MasterDrive Fleet Safety Awards. The company landed first place in the categories Best Employer and Best Company – Medium Commercial Vehicles.

These accolades underscore Unitrans’ unwavering dedication to safety, adherence to policies and procedures, and innovative approach to enhancing driver safety and performance.

“Unitrans is steadfastly focused on fostering a culture of safe driving practices and on-road experiences. We believe that the well-being of our drivers is paramount to the success of our operations,” says Tracy van Helsdingen, Unitrans Head: Centralised SHERQ Services. “We are truly honoured to receive these awards in recognition of our relentless pursuit of excellence in logistics. At Unitrans, safety and innovation are at the core of everything. These awards are a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication and our commitment to providing the best possible service to our clients.”

The Fleet Safety Awards were introduced last year to recognise the efforts of fleet managers and companies dedicated to promoting road safety in South Africa. In addition to the top two categories, Best Fleet Manager and Best Company, three new categories were added in 2023 to honour individuals and companies contributing to road safety: Road Warrior, Best Employer, and Best Truck Stop.

In the Best Employer category, companies had to participate in one of the other competition categories and demonstrate their commitment to enhancing road safety through their investments and efforts. Unitrans stood out as a company that prioritises the well-being of its employees, providing a supportive and nurturing work environment. Their dedication to driver training, ongoing education, and overall safety culture has satisfied employees and led to improved efficiency and better service to clients.

The Best Company award contained three categories for light, medium, and heavy vehicle operators. Organisations had to exhibit their commitment to road safety through fleet policies and strategies and showcase how they foster a company culture that values road safety.

Unitrans emerged as the Medium Commercial Vehicle category winner, highlighting its ongoing investment in cutting-edge technology and adherence to strict safety protocols. Through innovative solutions, the company has further enhanced its operational excellence, ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of goods for its customers.

According to Eugene Herbert, CEO of MasterDrive, Unitrans stood out amidst the more than 100 entries received this year. “It is one of the most far-reaching organisations in the country when it comes to transportation and has a reputation for going the extra mile,” he said. “Lowering the alarmingly high number of road fatalities is a shared responsibility among all South Africans, and one effective way to initiate this change is through businesses.”

A critical factor in Unitrans’ success is its commitment to driver safety. The company’s dedication to ensuring the safety of both its drivers and the public is evident in its strict safety protocols, continuous monitoring, and education programmes.

“At Unitrans, we take pride in fostering a safety-first culture. This resonates throughout the organisation. We have always held core values, with safety integral to our identity. Over the past few years, our commitment to progress and continuous improvement has remained unwavering,” explains van Helsdingen. “Safety isn’t confined to a single department; instead, it embodies the pursuit of excellence throughout our entire organisation. It encompasses the entirety of our value chain, encouraging us to think differently. We understand that achieving excellence in one department while neglecting others, or vice versa, is insufficient. Ultimately, it’s a mindset that drives our pursuit of excellence.”

With over 4,000 drivers in the organisation, the Unitrans’ commitment is not just about doing what’s right; it’s about doing it correctly and constantly improving.

“We are committed to upholding the highest standards and regulations, while continuously striving for improvement. Following policies and procedures is a fundamental part of Unitrans. Our team operates with great discipline, following meticulously designed protocols that ensure compliance with industry rules and operational standards. As a result, we have a strong record of delivering excellent service and satisfying our customers,” concludes Tracy.

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