Four suspected driving licence fraudsters are to appear before the King Williamstown, Eastern Cape magistrate court today following their arrest at the local driving licence testing centre.

The four include an examiner of licences (who is also happens to be a manager), an applicant and two runners. They were busted in a learner’s licence test classroom where the two runners were in the process of writing the test on behalf of learner’s licence applicants who were not present. The applicant was allegedly idling in the class while someone else was writing the tests on his behalf.

The scam was discovered after members of the National Traffic Anti-Corruption Unit, obtained information that examiners at licensing centre were allegedly colluding with driving school instructors to allow runners to write learner’s licences on behalf of applicants in exchange for gratification.

The anti-corruption proceeded to conduct an in loco inspection at the centre and discovered that the examiner had allegedly unlawfully allowed runners into the classroom to write test. One suspect was allegedly writing on behalf of four applicants including a foreign national and another was writing on behalf of one absent applicant. One suspect had a large sum of money in her possession.It is alleged that learner’s licence applicants are charged R2500 to have the test written on their behalf. The money is alleged shared between the examiner who obtains R1 500 and the runner who gets R1 000.

The investigation continues and four applicants who stood to benefit from this fraudulent activity are being followed up. The Road Traffic Management Corporation calls on members of the public to report fraud and corruption by sending a WhatsApp message to 083 293 7989 or email to ntacu@rtmc.co.za. All information will be treated with strict confidentiality.

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