BehindtheSelfie: Saajid Hoosen, Marketing Manager at Michelin SA

This week, we sit down with Saajid Hoosen, the Marketing Manager at Michelin SA, to discuss what he believes makes a successful marketing campaign and the lasting impact he hopes to have on the industry.

**What are three words people would use to describe you?**
I think people would describe me as calm, logical, and driven.

**What drew you to this line of work?**
My interest in marketing began in school when I was a bit of a ‘hustler.’ I saw business opportunities everywhere and started by buying and selling Pokémon pens and cards during the early 2000s craze. That knack for spotting potential and turning it into profit has stayed with me.

**Describe your career so far.**
My career has been a fantastic journey, filled with its fair share of challenges. I began as a sales and pricing specialist and had the opportunity to work with industry giants like VW before joining Michelin. The lessons I’ve learned and the incredible people I’ve worked with keep me motivated. Watching my career grow step by step has been a humbling experience.

**Who inspires you?**
As Jim Rohn says, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” I surround myself with positive, driven, and innovative individuals who constantly seek new solutions and challenge my thinking. These people fuel my growth and keep me focused on continual self-improvement and making a positive impact, even in small ways.

**What are the three most important factors to ensure a successful marketing campaign?**
The key factors for a successful marketing campaign are having a clear objective, a solid execution strategy, and a great team. I don’t like the term “campaign” because it often implies a focus on short-term goals. Instead, I believe in creating initiatives that have a lasting impact. A successful marketing effort should bring positive change to the industry and address real problems with meaningful solutions, whether it’s promoting sustainability, enhancing efficiency, or driving innovation.

**What are you currently reading/streaming/listening to?**
I am an old-school RnB and classic music fan, often listening to Micasa and house music locally. I enjoy light-hearted shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine for comic relief. I also listen to podcasts such as The Diary of a CEO and The Overlap.

**What kind of impact do you hope to have on the industry?**
I hope to show that it’s possible to grow the economy without harming the planet. We need innovative ways to boost economic performance while ensuring a safe environment for everyone. It’s about finding balance and leading by example to show that sustainability and growth can coexist.

**Any advice for those just getting started in the industry?**
For those starting out, remember that marketing isn’t just about campaigns and events; it requires planning, creativity, vision, and an open mind to solve consumer pain points. Understand your customers, know what they want, and find ways to provide value. Build relationships and trust by consistently delivering what your audience needs. Stay curious, keep learning, and be adaptable to the industry’s constant evolution. Lastly, be passionate about your work and let that passion drive you to make a positive impact on both your company and the industry as a whole.

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