Absa and Drive Automotive Excellence, Celebrating Triumphs at the 7th Annual #CarsAwardsAbsa and Extending the Journey with Innovative Consumer Engagement”

Absa and have collaborated for the seventh annual #CarsAwardsAbsa, a prestigious event acknowledging excellence in the new-vehicle market. This collaboration underscores Absa’s strategic dedication to the automotive industry, aiming to enrich the car-buying journey by fostering comprehensive interaction among buyers, dealers, and manufacturers.

Facilitating engagement in the automotive sector, Absa and Cars Consumer Awards celebrate excellence across 13 distinct vehicle categories, catering to various budgets and lifestyles. A distinguished panel of 20 judges rigorously evaluates finalists through real-world reviews, extensive test drives, and expert insights to crown the best in each category.

Charl Potgieter, managing executive of Absa Vehicle and Asset Finance, emphasized the significance of this partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with enhances accessibility and engagement within the automotive landscape, creating connections between manufacturers, dealers, and consumers. This synergy represents a crucial contribution to enriching the industry’s dynamic environment.”

The awards culminated in a grand gala in Sandton City on Thursday, February 29, where winners across categories were unveiled.

In a philanthropic gesture, Absa contributed R50,000 to charitable organizations chosen by audience members who discovered hidden keys under their seats:

– Trees for Africa: Focused on environmental preservation and sustainable livelihoods.
– Door of Hope: Dedicated to saving abandoned babies and building better futures.
– Cancervive: A survivor-driven cancer awareness project utilizing performing arts for education.
– Woodrock Animal Rescue: Advocating action over words.
– Stepping Stone Hospice: Providing high-quality, specialist palliative care to people facing life-limiting conditions.

Post-event, Absa and extended the celebration to South African consumers at the Sandton City Mall Consumer Awards Roadshow from March 1 to March 3, 2024.

In an innovative approach, visitors at the activation experienced a unique immersion into the world of automotive excellence, with all 39 finalists on display under one roof. From inspecting top picks to test-driving dream vehicles, consumers engaged with advisers and Absa dealership partners for a firsthand encounter with automotive brilliance.

The collaboration goes beyond recognition, embodying Absa’s new tagline, “Your Story Matters.” Empowering individuals to share their car journeys and aspirations, Absa introduced the “Your Ride, Your Story” podcast, inviting consumers to narrate their car stories on-site in Sandton City Mall during the activation on Sunday, March 3, 2024, between 12h00 and 15h00. This inclusive environment resonates with Absa’s dedication to bridging gaps and celebrating each unique story, epitomizing that every journey, from first cars to dream cars, carries significance because #YourStoryMatters.

Charl Potgieter reiterated, “Our collaboration with goes beyond accolades; it symbolizes a stride towards inclusive growth and innovation within the automotive sector. Together, we aim to elevate consumer experiences, empower informed decisions, and cultivate a vibrant automotive community.”

As the automotive landscape evolves, Absa and venture to elevate the motoring experience to new heights, transforming each car purchase into a story worth cherishing. Join us on this journey, because at Absa, #YourStoryMatters.

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