Transnet Freight Rail Temping Machine Collides with new Metrorail Train

Transnet Freight Rail Temping Machine Collides with new Metrorail Train

On Saturday, the 01st of June 2019, at around 18:24, a Transnet Temping Machine (9001) busy with maintenance collided with the new Metrorail train (T8139) at Eerste Fabrieke Station. The temping machine rolled from Greenview back to Eerste Fabrieke station where the Metrorail train was stationery and carrying commuters on-board.

As a result of the collision, the train service between Pienaarspoort and Pretoria has been affected. The line has been closed to allow both Metrorail and Transnet technical teams to attend to the accident.

The emergency services are at the scene attending to the injured commuters which is 43 P3 minor and 14 P2 serious injuries. The injured commuters are receiving urgent medical treatment at both Steve Biko and Tshwane District Hospitals.

The driver of the stationery train requested the 300 commuters on board to leave the train upon noticing the oncoming temping machine. The commuters refused to leave the train instead pulled the passenger emergency alarm levers which stops the train from moving.

A Board of Enquiry will be instituted soon to begin investigating the main cause of the collision.

Customers are advised to expect train delays on this corridor while Metrorail is addressing the problem. Metrorail would like to thank all its customers for their support, understanding during this difficult time

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