The deadly part of the N1 where you don’t know if you will get out alive

N1 accidents

The N1 between Kranskop and Polokwane in Limpopo has been the site of 56 deaths in five road accidents in recent weeks, reported the Sunday Times.

The Sunday Times reported that the lives were lost in the past six weeks, and included the deaths of 26 people last week in an accident that involved a truck, bakkie, bus, and SUV.

On Friday night, another two accidents were reported in which eight people died.

One was a sedan hitting a bakkie head-on, while the other was near the Sebetiela Toll Plaza off-ramp.

The report stated that in the months and years before this, dozens of people have died on this piece of road. This includes cabinet minister Collins Chabane and two bodyguards dying in 2015 after hitting a truck.

“Limpopo transport MEC Makoma Makhurupetje called for urgent intervention on the N1 before another tragedy strikes,” stated the Sunday Times.

The piece of road has been called the “road of no return” and locals said you do not know if you will make it when travelling, added the report.

High accidents numbers due to human error or rule-breaking have been used by proponents of self-driving cars as evidence we must speed up their rollout.

Self-driving cars, which are currently not allowed on South African roads, will not allow for moves such as illegal u-turns or overtaking over solid barrier lines, for example.

They will also not suffer from driver fatigue, say experts.

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