Stop, look, listen: Jacaranda FM Outsurance Pointsmen

Jacaranda FM Outsurance Pointsmen
Stop, look, listen: Jacaranda FM Outsurance Pointsmen

Road carnage figures in South Africa are on the rise, especially during significant holidays. Annually, South Africa has been observing October as Transport Month since 2005 and this year, Jacaranda FM salutes all traffic officials and OUTsurance pointsmen during Transport Month as a token of appreciation for their selflessness and service to the country.

This year, Jacaranda FM partnered with OUTsurance and their pointsmen to make travelling to work a pleasant experience for listeners and for the points men and women. If you haven’t heard yet, Jacaranda FM has come up with an admirable concept: ‘Hoot salute’. The purpose of this initiative is to salute pointsmen for their bravery and selflessness to keep our roads safe by simply ‘hooting’ each time you drive past a Jacaranda FM OUTsurance pointsman.

“We amplified this partnership by introducing the ‘Hoot salute’ so that all dedicated pointsmen can feel appreciated for their early morning and late evening shifts,” says Minisha Patel, Marketing Manager at Jacaranda FM.

The pointsmen are passionate about contributing to road safety, love their work and are well respected in their communities.

“On average, a pointsperson supports a family of at least four people.  They face many challenges on the road, mostly from the lawlessness of motorists. Their peak drive time shifts require early starts and late finishes to their days, often in extreme heat or cold weather conditions,” shares Colleen Bekker, Chief Executive Officer of Traffic Freeflow and Founder Member of the Pointsmen Project.

Next time you see a Jacaranda FM OUTsurance pointsman, show some love with a hoot salute.  They thrive on motorists showing their appreciation – a grateful thumbs-up, friendly wave or the honk of your hooter can make their day!

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