Nothing sinister about the new fleet of vehicles, PRASA spokesperson says

PRASA spokesperson

The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa ( PRASA ) on Wednesday in response to media speculation on its new fleet, said installation of tracking devices had delayed sending vehicles it acquired recently to operational areas.

Media reports said that a total of 174 brand-new vehicles, which were all bought more than a year ago for more than R57.6-million of taxpayers’ money, were gathering dust in the PRASA headquarters parking area in Hatfield, Pretoria.

PRASA said it acquired the fleet through the National Treasury’s RT57 procurement system, which means that the cars were bought directly from the manufacturers under the guidance of the finance department.

“As of Monday an average 28 vehicles are being fitted with tracking devices and sent to various operational areas,” PRASA spokesperson Nana Zenani said.

She said the reason for the delay in fitting the tracking devices was simply due to delays in procurement rather than any sinister actions by any individual.

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