Interim closure of johannesburg park station platforms for modernisation of signalling infrastructure

park station

Prasa’s modernisation programme that is aimed at rolling out new modernised railway infrastructure for a safer, faster, smoother and world class train service with improved travelling times for Gauteng Metrorail commuters is underway. As a result, the majority of Johannesburg Park Station platforms will be completely closed with limited train services accessing the station between 16 November 2018 and 16 December 2018. A signalling occupation will be taken during this period and trains will be authorized for safe movement.

The essential work will involve the final testing and commissioning of the newly installed electronic signalling system in the Park Station complex. Re-signalling of Johannesburg station will require a period of transition from the old system to the new electronic interlocking system operated by Siemens Computer Aided Signalling system (Sicas). Gauteng Metrorail has an allocated overall amount of R3,7 billion to roll out the implementation of the signalling programme in phases which will be concluded in 2020 with 92 stations in total controlled over the system.

This occupation will have a major impact on the provision of a normal train service. Out of the 16 operational platforms currently in use, ONLY 5 platforms (3, 5, 7, 9 and 16) will be operational as follows:

1. Trains will turn at stations other than Johannesburg Park Station,
2. Trains Germiston / George Gogh to Johannesburg (from eastern side) will turn at Braamfontein and Mayfair,
3. Trains Langlaagte to Johannesburg (from western side) will turn at George Goch and Benrose platform, depending on the traffic of trains at the time,
4. ALL Metro trains will be allowed into platform 3, 5, 7 and 9,
5. Platforms 3 and 5 will be occupied by “Germiston / George Gogh to Johannesburg” trains,
6. Platforms 7 and 9 will be occupied by “Langlaagte to Johannesburg” trains,
7. Platform 16 will be occupied by Main Line Passenger trains which will arrive and depart through Braamfontein north yard.

All commuters are advised to adhere to service announcements made at stations during this period to be familiar with the revised train timetable.

Metrorail would like to thank in advance all valuable customers for their co-operation and understanding during this testing phase. Metrorail is committed to continually ensure that safety for all within its operational environment is prioritized.

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