Holiday flights: How to avoid frustrations


You have worked hard throughout the year and deserve rest and well… some fun! What better way to let your hair down than with a well-deserved vacation where you are free to enjoy life to the fullest. But are there certain rules on what NOT to do when travelling?


As an example, airline companies have reported a 17% increase in unruly passengers worldwide since 2015. Some planes have even made emergency landings due to escalating conflicts. Travelling for long hours, long security lines and alcohol intoxication are some of the main contributing factors1.


“The key to helping ensure a smooth holiday with minimal frustration is to plan ahead,” says Derek Wilson, Head of online comparison website,


Here are a few planning tips to help avoid holiday frustrations:


  • Have fun at the airport – Board games are an excellent way to have fun and spend time with family and/or friends. Whether you are waiting in the airport terminal, sitting in a restaurant or relaxing in the slow lounge, there are no rules against playing board games at the airport, so make sure to pack your favourites.
  • Learn a new language – If you are travelling to a destination where they speak a foreign language, use your travelling time to learn some of the important words and phrases you may be using on your trip. You can do this online at the airport or purchase a language kit beforehand. This could also help with communication barriers when trying to find your way around or when negotiating costs with locals.
  • Network – The one thing that airports never lack is people. You can meet new and interesting people or some that share the same business or personal interests as you. Don’t be afraid to talk to fellow travellers. It could be the start to building lasting friendships or business partnerships.

Make the best of your budget – Holidays can become very costly and often this is realised too late when you are already on holiday. Ensure that you compare costs and benefits from various providers beforehand. allows you to compare Flights, Car Rentals, and Accommodation – locally and worldwide, and you’ll also be able to compare Travel Insurance quotes from a range of South African providers.

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