Bunkr, A South African App That Will Save You Fuel Money


The world, in general, is going through a fuel revolution. PAPPI & OUTA in South Africa and the Yellow Vest Movement is France are just a few examples of people being fed up with the high cost of fuel prices.

South Africa is a special case because not only do we pay the highest portion of our salaries towards fuel, we do not have reliable and alternative modes of public transport we can use.

South Africans spent R4500 a month (2 cars) and R2180 a month (1 car) on fuel and that’s a lot of money.

The truth is life in South Africa is tough, and there is no service currently available that can protect consumers from fuel price increases, save them money and help them budget better for their fuel needs.

Enter Bunkr, an app that allows South Africans to buy fuel in advance and store it in their “Bunkr Wallet”.

When you need to fill up at any time, simply drive to any garage and use the app to fill up your tank.

You connect your bank cards to the app (and reward programs) and use it to buy enough fuel to meet say your monthly needs. The purchased fuel is then stored in your Bunkr wallet. When you need to fill up, simply drive to any station and use the app to get fuel which gets deducted from your wallet.

Bunkr helps keep track of how much fuel is still available in your wallet.

Future features include the ability to send and receive fuel friends, fuel analytics that can predict your future fuel needs and fuel overdrafts.



Using Bunkr helps in three ways.

Firstly, it helps you save money, by allowing you to tap into the many digital fuel programs available in South Africa because you are paying for your fuel in advance and in bulk.

Secondly, when fuel prices go up, you stay protected because you have already purchased fuel in your wallet.

Thirdly, it helps with your budgeting. Since you would have already purchased fuel for the month, you will have one less thing worry.

The app was founded by Nqobile Vundla, 29 years old innovator, who was working for a startup company which was trying to solve how South Africans budget.

“I quickly realized that a lot of South Africans in my shoes, working on a very tight monthly budget struggled with the same issue. None of us can buy fuel in advance, and so we needed to have that fuel money sitting somewhere,” says Vundla.

“It wasn’t until fuel was R17.08 per litre that I really thought that there must be a better way to help South African not only the budget but to protect them from fuel price increases. Since no one else was trying to solve this problem, I then decided to solve it myself.”

Vundla, who love digital products and technology, believes technology is a tool we can use to solve problems.

“I dream a lot about the future because I believe the only future that I can have is one that I create. I also an avid reader, learner and aspiring leader in my field. I strongly believe it is the thoughtful committed small group that can change an entire

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