Netstar Unveils New Brand Identity to Mark 30-Year Milestone

To celebrate three decades in the telematics and vehicle tracking industry, Netstar has launched a brand refresh, underscoring the company’s evolution and forward-thinking vision.

Fresh Aesthetics

Netstar’s new brand identity showcases a blend of modern aesthetics and minimalist design, reflecting its AI-enabled outlook for the future. “Central to the rebranding is Netstar’s new tagline, ‘Simpler, safer, and smarter,’” explained Marisa Jansen van Vuuren, Group Executive: Marketing for the Altron Group. She added, “Netstar has been making South African roads safer through simpler, smarter solutions since 1994, and we plan to continue doing so for the next 30 years and beyond.”

Mission-Driven Messaging

The updated messaging emphasizes Netstar’s dedication to protecting not just vehicles but also the invaluable memories and peace of mind they represent for customers. From safeguarding cherished family moments to using big data to protect endangered species, Netstar aims to provide comprehensive security and assurance.

Updated Logo and Visuals

Netstar’s refreshed logo is designed to be both adaptable and instantly recognizable, ensuring consistency across all media platforms. The new color palette includes cool, blue-infused tones that symbolize trust, security, and efficiency, complemented by secondary hues for design flexibility. The chosen Ubuntu font supports a modern and accessible brand identity, ensuring scalability across various platforms.

Additionally, the Omnipin element integrates the concept of location and omni-channel technology, reinforcing Netstar’s innovative edge. The brand’s visual elements reflect South African heritage, capturing the essence and diversity of the communities they serve.

Celebrating South African Roots

Netstar’s imagery focuses on real-life scenarios and South African landscapes, showcasing the vibrancy and authenticity of the communities they serve. Bold and optimistic visuals highlight the diversity inherent in the brand’s ethos.

Grant Fraser, Netstar’s Group Managing Director, shared, “We are excited to introduce our refreshed brand identity to the South African market. This initiative reflects our commitment to transforming today into a simpler, safer, and smarter tomorrow. As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we look forward to strengthening our connection with our customers and stakeholders, continuing to offer them a brand experience that is both modern and trustworthy.”

The brand refresh will be rolled out across all touchpoints, including Netstar’s digital platforms, marketing collateral, and customer communications throughout June and July.

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